Become admin in Subsistence

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Here you will know how to become admin in your Subsistence server:

Passworded server

  • Access your server web interface and navigate to Settings > General, more information can be found here


  • Navigate to the Admin Password section to check or change the password.


  • Open your Subsistence game and look for the server in-game with the name you've selected for your server.
  • Type your admin password in the password section when joining the server, not the server password.
  • Now you are logged as administrator.

Server without password

  • If you are running an open server (no password) the password field will not show in the join window. Instead open the console from the main menu with = and login with the next command:

start <serverIp>:<port>?password=<adminPassword>

For example:


  • You will automatically relog as admin.