Become admin in ARK: Survival Evolved

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Method 1

The following steps are necessary to promote an account to admin on an ARK: Survival Evolved Gameserver:

  • Start ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Connect to your Gameserver
  • Open the in-game console by pressing the "TAB" key
  • Enter enablecheats ADMINPASSWORD and press enter. The admin password can be viewed and altered in the "Settings" section of the Gameserver's Webinterface:
Ark Admin Passwort.png

Method 2

To permanently set yourself as an Admin on your ARK server, to save adding in the Password each play session.

  • Navigate to your settings on your server interface and scroll to a box labelled "Admins" as seen below.

Admins Box.png

  • You'll need to insert your STEAM_64_ID into it, which is a long number and can be found at this website:

Example: Steam64IDlookup.png

  • Once you have gotten your STEAM_64_ID insert it into the Admins Box as seen below, then click to save.

Steam 64 ID example.png

  • Reboot your server and it should be Active.

All in-game commands should now be usable.