Become Admin on ARK: Survival Evolved PS 4

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Becoming Admin

The following steps are necessary to elevate a player's privileges to administrator in-game on an ARK: Survival Evolved Game server:

  • The admin password can be viewed and altered in the "Settings>General" section of the Gameserver's Web interface followed by a server restart to take effect:

Ark Admin Passwort.png

  • Start ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Connect to your Game server
  • Open the start menu (Options)
  • open the admin bar by pressing "R1+L1+Square+Triangle"
  • Enter ONLY YOUR PASSWORD as shown on the web interface of your server and press "Request Admin"

You can test the commands by going back to the admin bar, and entering the command "cheat fly" if your character is able to fly, then admin commands function. Revert this command with "cheat walk".

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Many admin commands require the user to enter "cheat" before the command. Please take a look at some of the commands available in game, Admin Commands for ARK Survival Evolved (Console)

Any other users wanting to be Admin will need the Admin password