Become Admin in Life is Feudal

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In this guide, we will show you how to become an administrator of your Life is Feudal server:

Become an administrator

  • Go to the "Settings -> General" page in your Nitrado web interface
  • In the line "Administrator password" you can set the desired password or use the current one. If you have changed the password, click "Save" and restart the server once
  • Connect to your server and press the "~" key in the game, which will open the chat
  • Now enter the following command: /gm YourAdminPassword

Note that the commands only work if the "isGM" value is set to "1" in the SQL database.

If you have any questions, Nitrado support will be happy to help you:

Use commands

As soon as you are an administrator, you can also use the commands in the chat.

Simply press the "~" key, which opens the chat.