Become Admin in Garry's Mod

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On this page we show you how to become an administrator of your server.


First, we determine what groups the server currently has and what permissions each group has.

To do this, go to "Tools -> File Explorer" in the Nitrado web interface and then to the following path:

"garrysmod -> garrysmod -> data -> ulib".

There you will find the file "groups.txt" in which all the groups are listed.

Normally the file looks like this:

		"ulx addgroup"
		"ulx adduser"
		"ulx adduserid"
		"ulx banid"
		"ulx cexec"
		"ulx ent"
		"ulx exec"
		"ulx groupallow"
		"ulx groupdeny"
		"ulx hiddenecho"
		"ulx logchat"
		"ulx logdir"
		"ulx logecho"
		"ulx logechocolorconsole"
		"ulx logechocolordefault"
		"ulx logechocoloreveryone"
		"ulx logechocolormisc"
		"ulx logechocolorplayer"
		"ulx logechocolorplayerasgroup"
		"ulx logechocolors"
		"ulx logechocolorself"
		"ulx logevents"
		"ulx logfile"
		"ulx logjoinleaveecho"
		"ulx logspawns"
		"ulx logspawnsecho"
		"ulx luarun"
		"ulx maul"
		"ulx rcon"
		"ulx removegroup"
		"ulx removeuser"
		"ulx removeuserid"
		"ulx renamegroup"
		"ulx setgroupcantarget"
		"ulx stopvote"
		"ulx userallow"
		"ulx userallowid"
		"ulx userdeny"
		"ulx userdenyid"
		"ulx voteecho"
	"inherit_from"	"admin"
		"ulx seeasay"
	"can_target"	"!%admin"
	"inherit_from"	"user"
		"ulx asay"
		"ulx help"
		"ulx motd"
		"ulx psay"
		"ulx thetime"
		"ulx usermanagementhelp"
		"ulx version"
		"ulx votemap"
		"ulx who"
		"ulx armor"
		"ulx ban"
		"ulx blind"
		"ulx bring"
		"ulx chattime"
		"ulx cloak"
		"ulx csay"
		"ulx freeze"
		"ulx gag"
		"ulx gimp"
		"ulx god"
		"ulx goto"
		"ulx hp"
		"ulx ignite"
		"ulx jail"
		"ulx jailtp"
		"ulx kick"
		"ulx kickafternamechanges"
		"ulx kickafternamechangescooldown"
		"ulx kickafternamechangeswarning"
		"ulx map"
		"ulx mechatenabled"
		"ulx motdfile"
		"ulx motdurl"
		"ulx mute"
		"ulx noclip"
		"ulx physgunplayer"
		"ulx playsound"
		"ulx ragdoll"
		"ulx reservedslots"
		"ulx return"
		"ulx rslots"
		"ulx rslotsmode"
		"ulx rslotsvisible"
		"ulx seeanonymousechoes"
		"ulx send"
		"ulx showmotd"
		"ulx slap"
		"ulx slay"
		"ulx spawnecho"
		"ulx spectate"
		"ulx sslay"
		"ulx strip"
		"ulx teleport"
		"ulx tsay"
		"ulx unban"
		"ulx unblind"
		"ulx uncloak"
		"ulx unfreeze"
		"ulx ungag"
		"ulx ungimp"
		"ulx ungod"
		"ulx unignite"
		"ulx unigniteall"
		"ulx unjail"
		"ulx unmute"
		"ulx unragdoll"
		"ulx veto"
		"ulx vote"
		"ulx voteban"
		"ulx votebanminvotes"
		"ulx votebansuccessratio"
		"ulx votekick"
		"ulx votekickminvotes"
		"ulx votekicksuccessratio"
		"ulx votemap2"
		"ulx votemap2minvotes"
		"ulx votemap2successratio"
		"ulx votemapenabled"
		"ulx votemapmapmode"
		"ulx votemapmintime"
		"ulx votemapminvotes"
		"ulx votemapsuccessratio"
		"ulx votemapvetotime"
		"ulx votemapwaittime"
		"ulx welcomemessage"
		"ulx whip"
	"can_target"	"!%superadmin"
	"inherit_from"	"operator"

How can I become an administrator now?

It's pretty straightforward.

  • Go to "Tools -> Realtime Server Console" in Nitrado web interface
  • Enter the following command: ulx adduser "YOUR_INGAME_NAME" superadmin Enter your in-game name in the command, without quotations.
  • With Enter send the command to your server and you will establish yourself as administrator.

The group "superadmin" can also have a different name, depending on how it exists in groups.txt.