Become Admin in Farming Simulator 17

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First, you need to set the admin password, which you can of course modify in the web interface of Farming Simulator 17. This can be found directly under -> Home in your web interface.


In the next step, it is necessary to bring up the pause menu in Farming Simulator 17 by pressing"ESC", and using the arrows at the top to navigate to the Admin menu.


As soon as you log in as an admin, you will find all the admin settings on the two pages following the login page. These settings can be freely edited and set up according to your preference.

Admin Settings

In the game settings of Farm Simulator 17, you can customize the settings shown below. All of these refers to settings in the game itself, which change the behavior and the gameplay on the Nitrado Gameserver. Here are general server settings such as the server password. Furthermore, on this settings page, important things like activating the "Separate accounts" can be accomplished.


Below, players can be managed, such as kicked, banned, money added, ect.


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