Become Admin in Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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Add an Admin on Empyrion - Galactic Survival using Telnet

You will need your SteamID64 and keep it in a note because that's what you will need to provide admin rights.


You might not be able to actually make the changes by following the path on the configuration files for an issue that we are currently addressing.

You will need PuTTY, a free Telnet Client for Windows. This will allow the Telnet connection to Game-Server and make the changes we attempt to do possible.

To begin the process;

Please stop the Server, then access the General Settings and enable Telnet.


Proceed by accessing the Config Files of your Server. You should be at the dedicated.yaml file.

This information should be on display:


If you activated Telnet before, then the option should say True.

The Servers IP, Tel_Port, and Tel_Pwd are necessary to connect using PuTTY.

In this Example, We'll access with the Credentials:

IP: Port: 23104 Connection type: Telnet

It is important to have the Server started after getting all of the information. Once you connect with the Server started, it will give you the Password option.




You might need to put the password twice, as it will probably be rejected the first time.

Additionally, this has to be typed in, as it will not allow you to paste it.

Next, these are the parameters to take into consideration to provide admin roles:

As <role> you can set:

Sets players role based on the input.

pl for Player,

gm for GameMaster

mod for Moderator,

admin for Administrator.

Example: setrole 1234567890 gm