Become Admin in Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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Adding Admins Manually

This article explains how to become admin within your Empyrion game server:

  • Login to your Webinterface
  • Stop your server and wait 3-5 minutes
  • Navigate to "Empyrion > Saves > adminconfig.example.yaml" under the Filebrowser in the "Tools" section
  • Edit "adminconfig.example.yaml" by replacing the numbers within the list, with your Steam64ID
  • Add your Steam64ID under the ID field
  • Change the name of the adminconfig.example.yaml file to adminconfig.yaml

Press the tilde key(`) so it opens your console window and type in 'help' and is will list all help commands.

For example, typing "help""command" will give you help for that command IE: "help itemmenu"

Adding admins via Telnet

Here you can set the role for a player, giving them special permissions. Elevated players can, for example, execute privileged console commands.

As <role> you can set:

  • Example: setrole 1234567890 gm

NOTE: The Steam-ID must be in steamID64 format