Become Admin in Day of Dragons

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Web Interface Configuration

  • Open Nitrado's Web Interface and select "Settings -> General"
  • There you will find the line "Administrator's List"
  • Go to the webpage select and type in your Steam name to find your Steam64ID.
  • Now copy your Steam64ID and add it to the server's web Interface List. Make sure to add just one ID per line.

Dod admin.png

  • Now save your server's settings and restart your server.

Configuration File's Settings

  • Open your Web Interface and go to "Tools -> File Explorer"
  • Now go to the next folder: "dayofdragons -> Dragons -> Saved -> Config -> WindowsServer" and select the file "Game.ini"
  • Now add the next line with your Steam64ID behind the = sign on the file:
    sServerAdmins = YOUR_STEAM64_ID
  • If you wish to add several administrators you would only need to add the line several times with each Steam64ID .
  • Save changes and restart your server.