Become Admin in Dark and Light

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Here you will learn how to become an admin on your Dark and Light server. For console commands you will need to navigate here:

Where to start?

  • To open the Dark And Light admin console command section, you will need to press the + key
    • you can change the key binding to anything you want
    • Navigate to the Key Bindings section of the Options menu and look for the "Toggle Console" entry to change the key for accessing the admin area.

How to enable Admin commands

  • Tap that + key and a black bar appears on the bottom of the screen
  • Type: "enablecheats <password>"
  • Hit enter and you should now be logged in if the appropriate password was entered

You can confirm that you are admin by typing a simple command, some commands like "Cheat Fly" will return a response from the console:

  • You can find your Admin password by going to your "General Settings"
    Dnladmin pass.png