Become Admin in ArmA 3

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Rent your own Prepaid ArmA 3 server!

Los siguientes pasos te permitirán convertirte en administrador del servidor.


  • Go to Filebrowser under the tools menu in Nitrado's web interface.
  • In the search bar type server.cfg and press enter, when filtering the files, access it.
  • Inside this file look for the administrator password, it is under the name passwordAdmin =

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Become an administrator

  • Launch the Arma 3 game and enter your Nitrado server.
  • In the role assignment menu, select the player you want to make an administrator.
  • Press the "/" key to open the chat and type #login "passwordAdmin" substituting for your previously generated password.

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  • Press Enter.
  • By performing the previous steps, the selected player will be assigned as administrator and will be able to access the administrator commands.

sin marco