Become Admin In ECO - Global Survival

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Add admin

If you want to get admin privileges you need to add the user ID to the player list via the web interface.

Choosing the correct ID

Which ID needs to be used while adding a player to the player list differs by the platform used to purchase this game.

Bought through the StrangeLoopGames-website

If you've purchased this game on the StrangeLoopGames-website you need to use the slg-id. You also need to use the slg-id if you've linked this SLG-account with steam. You can find your SLG-id on the Eco Website

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Bought through Steam

If you bought this game via Steam you need to use the SteamID64. To get your SteamID64 I'd recommend using the following website:

Adding the ID to the player list

You can use the option Tools - Player for adding the ID to the player list. For adding or removing any player the server needs to be stopped.

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Admin commands

Information is also available on the official Eco - global Survival Wiki.

You can find a list of commands available at the official ECO