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This is a short tutorial on how to fix Battleye filters.

Recommended Tools


Where to find the battleye filter logs.

  • Log into your Arma 3 Nitrado Control Panel
  • Select Filebrowser
  • Select arma3 directory
  • select config directory
  • select battleye directory

Here you will see duplicate files one set named .txt and another named .log.

If you have just experienced a battleye kick, check the time stamps on the .log files, to see the latest kicks.

Scripts.log Example:

First find what type of error it was. For example, if it says:

Renegade2k6 (X) XX - #43 "To _playerUID)exitWith
_playerObject = _x;
forEach allPlayers;

You simply put a \ in front of every ". So a backslash before every quotation mark. Then you put \n where the there is a new row. So it would look like this:

"To _playerUID)exitWith
\n_playerObject = _x;
\nforEach allPlayers;

As you can see here, I have removed my nickname, my single X which represents my IP and the XX that represents my GUID. Now when you've done it like this, we can format it a bit to make it look neater and easier to read. Then it would look like this:

!="To playerUID)exitWith\n{\n_playerObject = x;\n};\n} \nforEach allPlayers;\n_playerObject"

Notice how I have added != in front of the first quotation mark. This is to make this line of code an exception and make it so that it does not kick you.

How to add it to Scripts.txt

As you may have noticed, when being kicked a number is mentioned. #43 in this case.

This represents the line of code you need to edit inside the scripts.txt.

However if you use the latest BattlEye filters you will have to add +2 to #43.

Meaning that you will have to modify line #45!

Now open scripts.txt, find line #45 and add the exception we made above to the end of that line!

CreateVehicle.log Example:

Renegade2k6 (X) XXX - #0 "R_TBG32V_F" 16:102 2:2956 Exile_Unit_Player [13757,19530,23] [-26,137,5]

As you can see here, I got kicked for trying to spawn an item that was not white listed. To white list this I would simply take the item within the quotation marks and do:


Then open createVehicle.txt and add that to line number #2! Because we apply the same logic here if we use new BattlEye filters. #0 + 2 = 2!

How do I know if I use new filters?

Quite simple, if the .txt file contains this on line 1 then it is new.


Another Example

#58 "line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\VEMFclient\fn_vemfClientInit.sqf"
if (isServer) then {
uiNamespace setVariable ["vemfClientMsg"

You will have to add another quotation mark " in front and in the end of the restriction message:

 !=""\mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\VEMFclient\fn_vemfClientInit.sqf\"\nif (isServer) then {\nuiNamespace setVariable ["vemfClientMsg\""

How do I apply my changes?

It's simple. You save the file and you DO NOT HAVE TO RESTART your server. You can simply open the rcon tool of your choice and click "Refresh Scripts". This will refresh the scripts.txt file and the exceptions will be added. All done neatly and fast! No problems here.