Banlist for ARK: Survival Evolved

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Here you will learn how to edit the banlist of your Nitrado ARK server.

What is a Banlist?

A ban list is a way to block specific players from your server. However, you must acquire a user's Steam64ID.

What is a Steam64ID?

A Steam64ID is a number that many Steam games and functions use to track players and do other various things. You can find this at this site.

  • Place the username of the user into the input field and press, "Lookup".
  • In the output box, copy the Steam64ID of the user you have looked up.
  • Next, log into your Web Interface for your server, stop the server and click, "Settings"
  • Scroll down to the Players Section and Paste the Steam64ID into the Banlist field
  • If there are multiple users, Paste each ID into a different line
  • Restart your server

Now you have control over who cannot join your server. Be careful and have fun!