Backup restore on DayZ

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If you experience that your game progress on your DayZ server has been reset, there is no need to worry.

We offer backups to prevent the worst from happening.

Server backups

The server backups are created by our system once every 24 hours and can be accessed under Tools -> Backup restore..

When such a backup is carried out, our system alone decides why this cannot be started manually or set to an exact time.

Here it is necessary to select a backup that was created before the difficulty occurred. This will set everything to the exact date and moment addressed in the backup.


Database backups

Since we provide a MySQL database for our game servers, a backup is also created from this database every 24 hours.

However, the game DayZ does not store anything in the database, so these can be ignored.

In case a backup of the database is getting restored, this has no influence on the game.

Further Backups

All available backups are displayed in the web interface of the server. Therefore, further backups are unfortunately not available.

Due to restrictions by Microsoft/Sony there is no possibility for console servers to create manual backups via FTP.