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The configuration files can be used to greatly manipulate the game mechanics, which is why they should only be edited with care!


File Content Property Description

The port details here are only to be regarded as examples. The effective values ​​can be found in the web interface of the server.
"udpPort": 9600,
"tcpPort": 9601,
"maxConnections": 30,
"lanDiscovery": 1,
"registerToLobby": 1,
"configVersion": 1

tcpPort ACC clients will use this port to establish a connection to the server
udpPort Connected clients will use this Port to stream the car positions and is used for the ping test. In case you never see your server getting a ping value, this indicates that the udpPort is not accessible
  • 0 = This server is not registered in the backend. the server is declared →Private Multiplayer. Is useful for LAN sessions.
  • 1 = this server register to the backend. the server is declared →Public Multiplayer.
maxConnections The maximum amount of connections a server will accept at a time. If you own the hardware server, you can just set any high number you want. If you rented a 16 or 24 slot server, your Hosting Provider probably has set this here and doesn’t give you write-access to this configuration file.
lanDiscovery Defines if the server will listen to LAN discovery requests. Can be turned off for dedicated servers.
configVersion ...


Settings.json defines your personal server configurations which can be changed at any time, but it also defines the game.

File Content Property Description

"serverName": "My first Server",
"adminPassword": "pwAdmin",
"carGroup": "FreeForAll",
"trackMedalsRequirement": 3,
"safetyRatingRequirement": 49,
"racecraftRatingRequirement": -1,
"password": "pwAccess",
"spectatorPassword": "pwSpect",
"maxCarSlots": 30,
"dumpLeaderboards": 0,
"dumpEntryList": 0
"isRaceLocked": 1,
"shortFormationLap": 0,
"formationLapType": 3
"doDriverSwapBroadcast": 1,
"centralEntryListPath": "",
"randomizeTrackWhenEmpty": 0,
"allowAutoDQ": 1,
"configVersion": 1

serverName The server name displayed in the ACC UI pages
adminPassword The password you specify allows a driver or spectator to log in as Server Admin in the chat window ( ENTER key ) of the server.
carGroup Defines the car group for this server. Possible values are
  • FreeForAll = where “FreeForAll” will allow any driver to join with any car ( that he defined as Primary Car ).
  • GT3 = Limit this server to GT3 Vehicles
  • GT4 = Limit this server to GT4 Vehicles
  • Cup = Limit this server to Porsche 991 II GT3 Cup
  • ST = Limit this server to Lamborghini Supertrofeo
trackMedalsRequirement Defines the amount of track medals that a user has to have for the given track
  • values: 0, 1, 2, 3
safetyRatingRequirement Defines the Safety Rating (SA) that a user must have to join this server
  • values: -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, .... 97, 98, 99
racecraftRatingRequirement Defines the Racecraft Rating (RC) that a user must have to join this server
  • values: -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, .... 97, 98, 99
password Password required to enter this server. If a password is set, the server is declared →Private Multiplayer.
spectatorPassword Password to enter the server as spectator. Must be different to “password” if both is set.
maxCarSlots Defines the amount of car slots the server can occupy; this value is overridden if the pit count of the track is lower, or with 30 for public MP. The gap between maxCarSlots and maxConnections ( in configuration.json ) defines how many spectators or other irregular connections ( ie entry list entries ) can be on the server.
dumpLeaderboards If set to 1, any session will write down the result leaderboard in a “results” folder ( must be manually created ).
dumpEntryList Will save an entry list at the end of any Qualifying session. This can be a quick way to collect a starting point to build an entry list, and is a way to save the defaultGridPositions which can be used to run a race without Qualifying session and predefined grid. Also see the corresponding admin command.
isRaceLocked If set to 0, the server will allow joining during a race session. Is not useful in →Public Multiplayer, as the user-server matching will ignore ongoing race sessions.
formationLapType Toggles the formation lap type that is permanently used on this server:
  • 5 = short formation lap with position control and UI + 1 ghosted cars lap
  • 4 = one free formation lap + 1 ghosted cars lap
  • 3 – default formation lap with position control and UI
  • 1 – old limiter lap
  • 0 – free (replaces /manual start), only usable for private servers
doDriverSwapBroadcast ?
randomizeTrackWhenEmpty If set to 1, the server will change to a random track when the last drivers leaves ( which causes a reset to FP1 ). The “track” property will only define the default state for the first session.
centralEntryListPath Can override the default entryList path “cfg/entrylist.json”, so multiple ACC servers on the machine can use the same entrylist ( and custom car files ). Set a full path like “C:/customEntryListSeriesA/”, where the entrylist is stored.

Attention: The path seperators have to be slashes ( / ), backslashes ( \ ) will not work.

allowAutoDQ If set to 0, the server won’t automatically disqualify drivers, and instead hand out Stop&Go ( 30 Secounds ) penalties. This way a server admin / race director has 3 laps time to review the incident, and either use /dq or /clear based on his judgement.