Applying TS3MusicBot to a Discord Server

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Hello, here you will learn how to link your TS3 music bot to your Nitrado game server.

Where to Start?

Here are the basic steps of what needs to be done:

  • Step 1: Create a "Discord App"
  • Step 2: Create Bot for the "Discord App"
  • Step 3: Invite created bot to your Discord server
  • Step 4: Apply token to Nitrado TS3MusicBot
    • To let the TS3MusicBot connect to a Discord server, you will need the "BOT_TOKEN:CLIENT_ID"
  • Restart your bot on Nitrado, and it will then connect to the server

Configuring a Discord Bot

Navigate to the following link to configure your Discord server and Discord Bot:

Once configured you will be able to grab the BOT_TOKEN:CLIENT_ID.

  • Example: MzE2OTQzMzQ2NTU3Nzc5OTY4.DAcoCg.0ofvZovtqSUWzgUBkkcKTBZzPzs:316943346557779968

Bot Token can be found here:

Client ID can be found here:

Configure your Server

  • Navigate to your TS3MusicBot Web Interface
  • Open your Music Bot Settings on the left-hand side
  • Configure the token code for your server:
    • Insert your code as shown here:
  • Save Changes
  • Restart server for changes to take effect

If done correctly your Music bot will now appear in the chat on your Channel:
Musikbot inchannel.png