American Truck Simulator - Server first configuration

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Creating ATS Server Config Files

  1. Firstly, make sure American Truck Simulator is installed on your computer.
  2. Next, you’ll need to enable the game console by editing the game’s config.cfg file.
    • You’ll need to locate the config.cfg file and edit it. This file’s location varies depending on your computer’s Operating System. You can find each location here:
      1. On Windows, you can go to
        /USER/Documents/American Truck Simulator/config.cfg
      2. On MAC, you can go to
        ~/Library/Application Support/American Truck Simulator/config.cfg
      3. On Linux, you can go to
        USER/.local/share/American Truck Simulator/config.cfg
    • Inside the config.cfg, find these settings and set them from “0” to “1”:
      • g_developer
      • g_console
  3. Once those changes have been made, save, start Truck Simulator, and load fully into the world. We recommend waiting in your truck for at least a few minutes to allow the world to generate and export correctly in the next steps.
  4. After several minutes have gone by, open the Truck Simulator console by using the key “~” if you’re using an English keyboard. On other language keyboards, this is usually the key directly under the “Esc” key.
  5. Proceed to type the command “export_server_packages” and then hit enter. This will export and create the files that you need for your Truck Simulator server.Ets2 console.png
  6. You’ll then see the message “Server packages exported successfully” indicating that the export worked! A “server_packages.sii” and a “server_packages.dat” file will be created in the Truck Simulator files found in the locations from step #2.
  7. Afterward, log in to your Truck Simulator server’s FTP and upload both files inside your server’s ets2/save folder.
  8. Finally, those files are uploaded you can start your Truck Simulator server, join, and start heading down the road with your friends!