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This article was tested with ArmA 3: Altis Life (Version 3.1.2 by Tonic).

This article will provide a explanation of how to embed an Admin Tool into your server.
Note: This tool was created by a Nitrado user! If you have questions and/or request, please word them in the official thread:

This link contains all files needed to run the script:

  • Important notice: Please create a backup of all files which are going to be changed.
  • Stop your Gameserver
  • Please download the archive mentioned above. Unzip the archive and upload the whole MPMissions folder via FTP into the /arma3 folder.

1. Open activate.sqf which is located in /arma3/MPMissions/Altis_Life.Altis/AdminTool.

1.1 Replace "Deine Player ID Hier" / "Your Player ID here" with your player ID.

waituntil {!alive player ; !isnull (finddisplay 46)};
if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["Deine Player ID Hier"]) then {
	sleep 30;
	player addaction [("<t color=""#FF0000"">" + ("Admin Menu") +"</t>"),"AdminTool\Admin-Pfad.sqf","",5,false,true,"",""];

1.2 Save & close activate.sqf.

2. Open AdminToolMenu.sqf located in /arma3/MPMissions/Altis_Life.Altis/AdminTool.

2.1 Register Moderators: Overwrite "Die ID des Moderators hier eintragen" / "Enter moderator's ID" with your moderator's player ID.

Line 25:	if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["Die ID des Moderators hier eintragen"]) then { // Mod PlayerID

2.2 Register Administrators: Overwrite "Die ID des Admins hier eintragen" / "Enter admin's ID here" with the player ID of your administrator.

Line 24: if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["Die ID des Admins hier eintragen"]) then { // Enter Admin PlayerID <--- Enter all Admins here!

Line 33: if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["Die ID des Admins hier eintragen"]) then { // Enter Admin PlayerID

2.3 Register Superadministrators: Overwrite "Die ID des Super Admins hier eintragen" / "Enter Super Admin's ID here" with the ID of your Superadministrator.

Line 41: if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["Die ID des Super Admins hier eintragen"]) then { // Enter Super Admin PlayerID

2.4. Save & close AdminToolMenu.sqf.

3. Open init.sqf located in /arma3/MPMissions/Altis_Life.Altis.

3.1. Enter the following at the bottom of your file:

[] execVM "AdminTool\loop.sqf";

3.2. Save & close init.sqf.