Advanced Configuration Settings for ARK: Survival Evolved

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Advanced Settings? What are those?

Within Nitrado's interface we allow (and constantly update) a load of settings that you can easily configure.

However, we do realize that some of our users wish to get into the files directly. Because of this, we have two settings that may help you in your endeavors.

(Please wait 3 minutes after you shut down your server before editing them. Please click Save changes and double check that your settings are saved!
You may need to stop the server and wait even after you edit your changes.)

Expert Mode

The first of these settings is Expert Mode. Expert Mode is a checkbox you click that allows you to write to the GameUserSettings and Game.ini files directly, without the need of scrolling through the Web Interface's GUI. (This disables those options and hides them, so you must edit the values within the files themselves)

You may edit these files normally, but this ensures your settings are written.

  • Navigate to the web interface of your server
  • Stop your server and wait 3-5 minutes
  • Go to Settings>General
  • Check the box and activate Expert Mode
  • Save changes and an Expert Settings option now shows under settings
  • From here you will be shown a page that looks similar to this:

(We advise not editing anything more than you need to. Do not edit any Volumes as they do not affect your clients!)

  • From here, you can write in the values you wish to change, and save them to the GameUserSettings or the Game.ini files quickly and effectively.

Engine Settings

Engine Settings allow you to have the GUI write the values you wish into the Game.ini for you. Engine settings are active by default. However, you cannot use engine settings if the Expert mode is active. The engine settings were designed to provide easier access to advanced configurations.

This menu allows you to edit specific values of the game.
  • You may notice at the bottom there is a dialog box "Custom Game.ini Settings" that allows you to add values directly into your Game.ini. This way, you do not need to look for specific files, you are provided a quick and easy way to manage your values. (Pictured here:)