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In order to become an admin on a Hurtworld server, the following is necessary:

  • Find your SteamID64, which can be found on the following website: steamid.IO
  • Add a line to the "autoexec.cfg" in the web interface.
    • This can be found under "configuration files".
  • Add the following line to "autoexec.cfg:"
addadmin 76561198101789379
  • Replace "76561198101789379" with the desired SteamID
  • Restarts the server.

To check whether the Admin rights have been set correctly, open the console under F1. With the command "g 4 1" it is possible to give a steak. If this works, the admin rights are assigned correctly.

Note: If this file does not exist, it can be created via the file browser in the /hurtworld/.