Admin Commands in Left 4 Dead 2

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This guide contains a list of all Left 4 Dead 2 commands

Administrator Commands

Command Description
good [0/1] This cheat enables (if set to 1) and disables god mode for your entire team. In god mode, you and your team are invincible and will not take any damage.
noclip This trick enables and disables (toggles) clipless mode. In Noclip mode, he doesn't collide with walls, objects, etc., allowing him to fly through / to any part of the map.
upgrade_add [upgrade id] This cheat will add the specified upgrade to your character. See the command page for all the updates you can add with this command.
sv_infinite_ammo [0 / 1] This command enables (if set to 1) and disables infinite ammo for your weapon. Obviously, with unlimited ammo, you will never run out of ammo for any of your weapons.
sv_infinite_primary_ammo [0 / 1] This command, if set to 1, will enable infinite ammo for your primary weapon (not your secondary weapon). By default, this command is set to 0 (disabled).
give [item id] This command will give you the specified weapon or item (or health / ammo).
impulse [number] This console command has a number of functions, depending on the number you supply as an argument. Features include ammo reload, health, and entity removal.
z_spawn [npc id] This command will generate the NPC with the specified ID.
map [map id] This command will load the specified map (from the start menu).
changelevel [map id] This command will change the current map you are playing on to the specified map. To load a map from the start menu, use the map command.
buddha [0 / 1] This command enables "Buddha" mode, if set to 1. In Buddha mode, it will appear that it is still taking damage, but it will not die when its health reaches 0. This command is similar to god, but with the god command, it does not you don't react or take damage.
burn This command ignites your character (setting you on fire), but you take no damage. You can set other flammable objects / entities on fire by colliding with them (eg jumping on them).
hidehud [setting #] This command can be used to hide the entire HUD (set to 4) or to hide specific parts of the HUD (for example, set to 256 to hide the crosshair).
sb_friendlyfire [0 / 1] This command, if set to 1, will allow bots to deal friendly fire damage. By default, it is set to 0 (bots cannot deal friendly fire damage).
sb_takecontrol [character name] Take control of the character under your crosshairs (or the survivor closest to your crosshairs, if your crosshairs are not on a survivor). If you specify a character's name as a plot, it will take control of the survivor with that name, rather than the survivor closest to its crosshairs.
z_speed [speed] This command sets the maximum speed at which zombies can accelerate when moving. By default, it is set to 250.
ent_setname [entity name] This command sets the name of the entity under your sights.
ent_remove [entity name / class] This command removes all existing entities of the given type.
quit This command will cause you to exit the game.
connect [ip address] This command will connect to the L4D2 server at the specified IP address