Admin Commands in Just Cause 2

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Open the Chat

To use the following commands you need to press T to open the chat.

Various commands

Command Description
/kill Commit suicide.
/heal Heal yourself.
/repair Repair your vehicle.
/local Local messages.
/clear Remove all the weapons you have.
/tags Configure player tags.
/w <player> <message> Send a private message to another player.
/sendmoney <player> <quantity> Transfer money to another player.

Game mode

Command Description
/derby Destruction derby mode (toggle)
/race Also / low race quality and / high race quality.
/duel Enter into a duel with the selected player.
/dome Dome Deathmatch game mode
/skydive Skydive

Advanced HUD

Command Description
/speedometer Toggle the speedometer
/killfeed Toggle killfeed (list of dead players)
/localchat Show only local chat in chatbox
/jethud Advanced Jet HUD

Teleportation commands

Command Description
/tp <location> Teleports the player to the specified location.
/tp help or /tp List all available teleportation points.
/tpm <player id> Teleport to the player ID.
Coordinates Destination
mhc x:29584 y:11435 The Mile High Club
pie x:24476 y:910 Pie Island
dish x:23440 y:17420 PAN MILSAT Satellite Dish
airport x:9748 y:12798 Panau International Airport
airport2 x:6064 y:23457 Airport 2
airport3 x:22163 y:23265 Airport 3
desertap x:4472 y:21183 Desert airport 1
desertap2 x:9434 y:28188 Desert airport 2
city1 City 1
city2 City 2
racetrack x:9170 y:11413 Bandar Selekeh
dirttrack x:11229 y:4185 Dirt track
skull x:14834 y:17323 Skull Island
lost x:2120 y:2415 Lost island
peak x:20538 Y:11836 Top of the World

Faction Commands

  • General:
Command Description
/f join <faction name> (password) Join the specified faction. Create faction if none exists.
/f list List all factions without password.
/f <message> Send a message only to faction members.
  • Base:
Command Description
/f bases List all bases currently owned by the faction.
/f tp <base> Teleport to the base.
/f destroy Destroy base (can only be used by leaders)
/b base <name> Create the base at the current location (can only be used by leaders)
  • Relations:
Command Description
/f allies List all current faction relationships.
/f ally <faction> Allied with the given faction.
/f unally <faction> Teams up with a certain faction.
/f neutral <faction> Set the given faction to neutral.
/f enemy <faction> Set the given faction on the enemy.
  • Leader:
Command Description
/f hue <value> Sets the hue of the faction color, where the value is between 0-360.
/f bringall Teleports all members of the faction.
/f transfer <player> Transfer leadership to a specific player.
/f kick <player> (reason) Kick the specified player from the faction. The reason is optional.
/f disband (reason) Dissolve the current faction. The reason is optional.
  • Use:
Command Description
/f players List all players of the same faction as you, and give the player count.
/f goto <player> Teleports you to the specified faction member.
/f leave (reason) Leave the current faction you are in. The reason is optional.