Admin Commands in Insurgency 2014

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Main commands

Command Description
sv_cheats [0/1] It allows the user to enter additional commands to display things that would provide an unfair advantage in multiplayer games, such as displaying bullet travel routes and bullet penetration in real time.
snd_restart Restart the game's audio controllers, useful for sound mods.
map [MapName] [GameMode] Start a game with the selected map and game mode
give_weapon [WeaponName] Allows the user to spawn a weapon in their hands (sv_cheats 1)
give_upgrade [AccesoryName] Allows the user to generate a weapon accessory for use, it will not work if the current weapon does not support the desired accessory or already has an accessory in that slot (sv_cheats 1)
remove_upgrade [AccesoryName] Remove the selected accessory from a weapon. (sv_cheats 1)
give_supply Grants the player 1 supply point (sv_cheats 1)
sv_showimpacts [0/1/2] Shows the bullet's impact points and their velocity and penetration values. It must have sv_cheats 1 enabled to work.

"1" shows the penetration values and impact points of the bullets. "2" only shows bullet hit points.

rate # (Replace # with a number) It allows the user to establish the amount of information that is exchanged with the server at the same time. Setting it lower will decrease your latency, at the cost of somewhat greater visual lag on other players' bodies. Setting this to 60000 is a good balance to decrease latency.
ins_bot_kick_t1 Kick a bot from Insurgent team.
ins_bot_kick_t2 Kick a bot from the Security team.
kill The player will be killed.
BindToggle command Allows users to enable / disable console commands.
sv_infinite_ammo [0/1] Infinite ammo. 0 is the default value and with 1 the command is activated.