Admin Commands in Conan Exiles

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Open the Console

Commands must be entered in the console not in the chat. The console can be opened with ~!

Admin Commands

These commands can be used within the game to manage your server.

Action Command Notes
Become Admin MakeMeAdmin [AdminPassword] Enter administrator mode.
  • It shows Administrator Rights Granted (top right).
Make Normal MakeMeNormal Deactivate the administrator mode (you can also exit and restart the session).
Learn Emote LearnEmote [emote] Type / emote [emote] in chat or by holding R to show the Emotes menu.

Administrator mode required.

Enable / Disable God Mode God Activate God mode. Administrator mode required.
  • Invulnerable to all damage, knockbacks, status effects, etc.
    • The only exception is Cursewall.
Player can build anywhere PlayerCanBuildEverywhere [PlayerName] Allows build where it is disabled for the specified player. Administrator mode is required.
  • It seems to be limited to around 100 building pieces. [citation required]
Player data ToggleDebugHUD It shows the current location in the lower left and other information, including ping, in the upper right.

Administrator mode is not required.

Raise follower level LevelFollowerUpTo xx Raise the follower level to xx (20 max). Administrator mode is required.
Follower attributes GetFollowerStat xx It requires a parameter such as DamageModifierMelee or DamageModifierRanged at xx.

Administrator mode is required.

Teleportation Teleport Teleports you
  • To a surface, or when you are in the air
    • Vertically: Higher in the sky (While focusing on the sky teleports you to 0,0,0.
    • Horizontally: within ~ 1 Map Fragment to the Cursewall.
  • To another player: ViewPlayer + Teleport + ViewSelf.
Teleport Player TeleportPlayer X[float] Y[float] Z[float] Teleports a player to specific coordinates.
  • Another player can be teleported using his [PlayerName] (see notes) after TeleportPlayer AND before the coordinates separated by space
  • X [float], Y [float] and Z [float] are your X, Y and Z coordinates.
Teleport with a player TeleportToPlayer [PlayerName] Teleports you with a specific player.
Summon Player SummonPlayer [PlayerName] Teleports a player next to you.
  • It can be used to help glitched players.
Allow Flight Fly Activate flight mode.
  • Flight and walking speed is inconsistent.
  • The flight speed is gradually increased if you switch between Fly and Walk using Keybindings and on the console by pressing / [citation needed] - it will restart each time the flight mode is activated.
  • The flight mode has two modes, "Fly" and "FlyB", which are changed occasionally. One is standing completely straight, the other is a 'meditative pose'.
  • Flight Mode was fixed in patch 1.40 for Play Station 4
Allow ghost Ghost Launch Ghost Mode.
  • Makes you invisible to other players.
  • It gives you flight mode. (See Fly)
  • Grants you Noclip - You can go through objects.
  • Building is possible.
    • Building pieces will not destroy other structures.
Walk Walk Turn off Flight or Ghost mode.
Disable energy cost NoSprintCost Your character's energy does not decrease when running. (It is not unlimited energy)
Cloak Cloak Makes you invisible to NPCs, even when you are attacking them.
Enable / Disable invisibility Invisibility Makes you invisible.
Change Perspective
View Player ViewPlayer [PlayerName] Change the camera to another player's first person.
View Self ViewSelf Change the camera to first person on your player.