Admin Commands for Unturned

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Open the Console

To open the console, within the game, press the ~ key (the key above TAB and below ESC). If you enter a command through a chat field (world, area, or group chat), you must insert an @ or / sign in front of the command.

Administrator Commands

These are the server administrator commands for Unturned

Command Syntax Description
Admin Admin [SteamID | Player] Adds the specified player to the list of users who can use admin commands in chat.
Admins Admins Displays a list of current administrators.
Airdrop Airdrop This forces a landing craft to fly over and perform a parachute drop.
Ban Ban [SteamID | Player] / [Reason] / [Duration] Ban the specified player for a specific reason (optional) and duration (optional). The default is one year or 31,536,000 seconds as displayed on the console. Users trying to connect to the server can see the seconds remaining and the reason for the crash.
Bans Bans Displays a list of current bans.
Bind Bind [IP] (Warning! DOES NOT apply to Nitrado servers) Binds a specific internal IP to the socket. The default setting is, which means that all IPv4 addresses on the local computer can be used to connect to the server.
Charter Charter [Number] Allot a minimum time between chat messages to avoid spam.
Cheats Cheats [Enable | Disable] Allows the server to access certain commands, such as Give, and can only be used in the server's commands.dat file.
Cycle Cycle [Number] Specifies the duration of the day / night cycle in seconds.
Day Day Assigns the current time to the day.
Debug Debug Provides information about the status of the server.
Experience Experience [SteamID | Player] / [Experience] Gives the player some experience.
Filter Filter Filter players with alphanumeric names that are not in English.
Flag Flag [SteamID | Player] / [Flag] / [Value] Sets a player's flag.
Give Give [SteamID | Player] / [ItemID] / Quantity Gives an item to the specified player.
Gold Gold Restricts the server so that only gold players are allowed.
Help Help [Command] Contains information about the specified command.
Hide_Admins Hide_Admins Administrators will appear as if they were normal players.

It also allows for recording of footage without the admin tags being visible to players.

Kick Kick [SteamID | Player] / [Reason] Disconnect the specified player from the server.
Kill Kill [SteamID | Player] Kill the specified player in the game.
Loadout Loadout [SkillsetID] / [ItemID] / [ItemID] / ... Indicates each item to players when they appear. When a skill set ID of 255 is used, each player receives the item.

It can only be used in a server console or in the server's Commands.dat file.

Log Log [Chat] / [Join / Exit] / [Death] / [Anticheat] Allows chat / join / exit / death messages to be logged. Each parameter can only be Y or N. (for example, log and / y / and will log all chat, connection and death messages).
Map Map [Level] Specifies the map that the server loads on startup.
Mode Mode [Easy | Normal | Hard] Assigns the difficulty of the server.
Name Name [text] Assigns the name of the server in the server list. It has a maximum of 50 characters.
Owner Owner [SteamID] Grants administrative rights to Steamid. It should be stored in the Commands.dat file on the server.
Password Password [text] Assigns the password required to enter the server.
Permit Permit [SteamID] / [day] Adds the specified player to the list of users authorized to join the server.
Permits Permits Displays a list of current players who can join the server.
Perspective Perspective [First | Third | Both | Vehicle] Assigns the server perspective.
Players Players Displays a list of current players on the server.
PvE PvE Disable player vs. player combat in favor of player vs. environment.
Queue_Size Queue_Size [Number] Specifies the maximum number of connections in the queue that the server is ready to hold.
Save Save Forces proper save of server state.
Say Say [Text] / [R] / [G] / [B] Sends a message to all connected clients.
Shutdown Shutdown [Delay] Ensures shutdown properly, disconnects clients, and shuts down server.
Spy Spy [SteamID | Player] Take a screenshot from the target player's perspective and save it as Spy.jpg on the executor's computer.