Admin Commands for The Isle

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Open the Console

To open the command console, within the game press the "Enter" key.

Administrator Commands

These are the server administrator commands for The Isle.

Command Description
/kick [player name] [reason] Remove a player from the server for a specific reason.
/kickid [steam id] [reason] Remove a player from the server using their SteamID.
/ban [player name] [hours] [reason] Ban a player from the server for a specified number of hours.
/banid [Steam id] [hours] [reason] Ban a player using their SteamID.
/unban [Steam id] Unban a player.
/announce [message] Make an announcement that everyone can see.
/heal [player name] Relieves a broken leg, hunger and thirst.
/slay [player's name] Kill a player, useful if someone wants to change Dinos.
/goto [player name] Teleports you to a specific player, useful if someone is stuck.
/bring [player's name] Rather, teleport a player to your location.
/time [hour in military time] Change the time within the game.
/grow [player name] Takes you or another player to the next stage of growth (You still need to click "Grow") The player is automatically healed.
/weather [condition] Change the weather.