Admin Commands for Hurtworld

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Esta guía contiene una lista de todos los comandos de Hurtworld

Admin Commands

Command Description
itemlist <name filter> Shows a list of all the elements with codes.
g <count> Gives you an object depending on the code. Huge quantities will delay the game.
g <name> <count> Gives the count number for the element.
rcon <command> Excecute a command in the server like if was typed directly in the console.
spawn <prefabname> This will generate any object in net 2 meters away.
refreshai Destroys all creatures and resource nods of the world.
teleport <who> <toplayer> By specifying complete name, will take the player A to player B.

Client Commands

Command Description
connect <ip> Connect to a server with specific IP. with default port 12871
connect <ip>:<port> Connect ti a server with specific IP, with an specific port
itemlist List all elements and their codes
kill Kills the character
time Change time of the day
deleteprefs This will delete all preferences.

Server Commands

Command Description
loadmod <workshopID> (<workshopID>...) Load a mod by its workshop ID. You can specify multiple mods by separating the identifiers with blanks.

You should never delete a Workshop Mod unless you are prepared to erase it, as doing so mid-save often results in broken save states. To remove a workshop mod, simply remove the loadmod entry from your autoexec when you delete your server. Adding workshop mods mid-erase is somewhat less risky, however always make sure you have a recent backup of your save state before trying ... as there are a couple of instances of this, which also corrupt the save states. This is for STEAM WORKSHOP mods only, not oxide mods.

ignoresharedenvironment Tells the server not to load the shared environment. Use this command to speed up connection times and reduce memory usage, if you are not using any built-in assets on your map. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS INCLUDES ANY WORKSHOP MOD !!! You can't use this if you use some workshop mod (loadmod 12345)
bakenavmesh Try to prepare a navmesh for the current level. Use it to create navigation networks for custom maps.


Command Description
layerlootmode <value> Sets the player's loot mode for the server.
  • Never drop anything (playerlootmode 0)
  • Drop Backpack Only (Player Loot Mode 1)
  • Drop the backpack and use infamy (playerlootmode 2)
  • Drop everything (playerlootmode 3)
  • Destroy everything (playerlootmode 4)
spawncooldown <speed> <value> Sets how the spawn cooldown works. The <speed> parameter is how fast the generation times are reduced to 10 seconds. The <value> is how much the generation time increases after death
stakedeauthtime <seconds> Sets the time in seconds it will take for a wholly owned share to deauthorize.

Structures and building

Command Description
tivemode <bool> Enables/disables creative mode.
structurecomplexitylimit <category> <value> Sets constuction limit for structures, how many poligons can exist in a single cell, Categories:

0 = Structures (default = 50.000), 1 = Machines (default = 200), 2 = Plants (default = 25)

  • Set this too high can cause severe delay en a populated server with many structures.
structureframepacketlimit <value> This regulates how many packets will be used for the initial structure synchronization per frame. Set this high if players take too much time when downloading structures for the server. Set low if you notice a delay when players connect, Default is 200

The default value should be good. Set higher or lower seems to affect negatively.

structuredecayenabled <bool> Enables/disables structure decay
structuredecayfrequency <seconds> Sets structure decay frequency. Low values can impact performance. Default 600
structuredecaydamage <damage> OR <minDamage> <maxDamage> Sets structure decay damage. Default 5-10
structuredecaymodifytime <seconds> Sets how much time an unmodified and unclaimed structure should exist before decay. Default is 24 hours


Command Description
chatspambudget <value> Sets spam filter range of chat. Lower values means players will be silenced before. Default 500
chatconnectionmessagesenabled <value> Sets if connect/disconnect messages are displayed on the server.
chatdeathmessagesenabled <value> Sets if the server displays death messages.
mute <steamID> <seconds> Silences specified player for specified time
unmute <steamID> Activates audio for the player.


Command Description
vehicledecaytime <seconds> Sets how fast an unclaimed vehicle will despawn. Default 3 hours