Admin Commands for Hellion

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Here you can find a list of Admin commands for Hellion.

  1. Admin Commands typically typed inside the games chat window ('y')

For help on making yourself admin see:

Command Description
torpedo (launches a DockableContainer in the direction you are looking)
pressurize (force pressurize in current room)
vent (force depressurize in current room)
refill (refill equipment in inventory, suit, and refined storages of station you are in)
collision (current vessel doesn't have collision)
spawn <item_name> <tier> (item_name can be found in Spawn Entities for Hellion Items and tier is anyting 1 - 4)
god <0> or <1> (player immunity 0 off 1 on)
teleport <player name (steam or in-game)> or <vessel name> (registstration number or name)> (teleport to other player location or vessel)
countships <range in meters> or <celestial body> (print spawned ships in given range or celestial body)
countitems <range in meters> or <celestial body> (print spawned items in given range or celestial body)
selfdestruct <in seconds> (sets selfdestruct in current player vessel)
station <name of the station without .json> (station json file needs to be located in \Data\Stations\)