Admin Commands for Half-Life 2 Deathmatch

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Comandos Descripcion
mp_friendlyfire Activates friendly fire.
mp_falldamage 0 Sets the fall damage value.
mp_forcerespawn 1 Enables the immediate respawn after death.
mp_footsteps 1 Enables the sound of footsteps of other players.
mp_flashlight 1 Enables the option to use the lantern.
mp_allowNPCs 1 Enables the usage of NPC bots.
sv_gravity 600 Modifies the gravity value (Default value = 600).
sv_cheats 0 Toggles the use of cheats.
deathmatch 1 Toggles the Deathmatch mode
sv_maxunlag 1 Activates the maximum lag compensation
sv_stats 1 Shows the server's status.
sv_unlag 1 Activates the lag compensation.
mp_allowspectators 0 Toggles the spectator mode.
//sv_password "" Type in the server's password to log in as Admin
exec banned_user.cfg Bans a player using their SteamID
exec banned_ip.cfg Bans a player through IP Address