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Command Usage

To be able to use commands in ECO, it is enough to press the Enter key.

Now the chat opens, where you can easily view all the commands with /help.

In the next part of the article We will share the most used ones.

Administrator commands

Command Description
/addtodeed Adds you to write permissions.
/admin [Player] Add a user as administrator.
/allblocks Generate all blocks.
/allconstructed Generates all the building blocks for the player.
/allplants Generates all plant blocks.
/allskills Unlock all abilities.
/allterrain Spawns all excavatable blocks.
/allworldobjects Generate all objects in the world.
/atm Add atmosphere.
/ban [Player], (Reason) Block a user.
/bhop Toggle the bunny jump.
/buildtechtree Build every object in the world into a suitable building and fill it with fuel.
/chattest Send lots of things to chat with.
/claimrect Claims plot on a given user-centered rect.
/clearlaws Remove all active laws.
/clearrubble (radio) Clears debris around the player.
/day Set and lock the server time at noon.
/deletecontract [id] Delete contacts by id.
/destroyedatmosphere Set the percentage of destroyed atmosphere to be displayed, mixed in a specified number of seconds.
/destroymeteor Destroy the orbiting meteor.
/dump Removes all items from your inventory.
/dumpcarried Removes only items that are in the transport slot.
/dumpselected Removes only the currently selected item from your inventory.
/durability (#) Set the durability of the item you are holding.
/eat Maximize your calories.
/fastforward (1/0) Turns the fast forward effect on or off.
/fly Toggles the flight mode.
/give [Itemname], (amount) Give yourself an item.
/giveskillpoints [Player], (amount) Give skill points to another player.
/ kick [Player], (reason) Kicks a user.
/leader (player) Set the leader.
/level [x (Default = 10)], [y (default = 10)], [Block Type (default = GrassBlock)] Level the ground.
/levelup Learn and level up a skill and all of its prerequisites.
/massinteract Uses your currently selected tool on the surrounding blocks.
/meteorfall The meteor impact sequence begins.
/meteorhitworldlayers Activate the layers of the world to act as if they were hit by a meteor.
/meteorimpact Make the meteor strike instantly.
/meteorrain [count], [averaging], [radio] Rains meteorites from the sky.
/move [x], [y], [z] Moves it to position x, y, z; where x and z are whole numbers.
/ noah (count)
/noskills Resets all abilities to zero.
/oneshot Kill the closest animal.
/openserverui Opens the server user interface.
/ownall Claim all ownership
/ownnone (player) Revokes her ownership.
/passlaws Pass all pending laws.
/polluteco2 Creates x PPM of air pollution.
/polluteworld It rains tailings from the sky to ruin the world.
/poorbunnies Kill all the animals.
/record Toggles the recording mode.
/regenlayer Regenerates a layer of the world, restoring it to the state it would be in if the world had been spawned again.
/removeadmin [player] Removes a user as an administrator.
/removefromdeed Removes write permissions.
/repairallrooms Reset all rooms that have been broken and do not contribute to the home score.
/repopulate Regenerates eco population.
/setpowercost Reduces the power consumption of all existing objects within a given radius to the past value (default is zero).
/setreputation [player], (reputation) A command to set the reputation of the user.
/setreputationrelative [receiving player], [starting player], (reputation) Set the user's reputation in relation to another.
/setspawn Change the spawn location from your current location.
/shuffle (x), (y)
/skillpoints (amount) Give yourself skill points.
/skillrate (rate) Displays or sets the current skill rate multiplier.
/spawnanimal (species), (count) Spawn multiple animals.
/spawnbed It generates a bed in a house and puts you to sleep.
/spawnbuilding (structure type (0-5)), (x), (y), (z), (roof type (0-2)), (windows (true-false)) Generate a building .
/ spawncrafting Create a craft setup where the output of one thing is entered into another.
/spawncrater Creates a crater at the current position.
/spawneconomy Attempts to build an economy.
/spawnfullstockpile Generate a full reservation.
/spawnlasers Spawn endgame lasers and power supplies, and spawn
/ meteor spawn Spawns an orbiting meteor, regardless of the current disaster situation.
/spawnplant (species), (count) Spawn a plant or plants in a row with increasing ages.
/spawnroad (length), (width), (type of path) Spawn a path.
/spawntech (technology level 1-4) Spawn 4 buildings and a road.
/spawnvillage [building type (0-5)], [quantity] Spawn a village.
/steamsale (amount) Each player is given an amount of money.
/targetowner (player) Change owner of current target.
/tax (amount) Tax all players an amount of money.
/teleport (x), (y), (z) Teleport to an xyz coordinate.
/teleportplayer [player] Teleport to a player.
/testcontracts Create a contract board and create LOTS of random contracts.
/trample Trample the surrounding ground.
/unclaim Retrieve the frame you are stopped on
/unclaimabandoned [number] Reject parcels of land owned by players who have not logged in for a specified number of days.
/vomit Empty your stomach.
/warnuser [player], (message) Send a warning to a player.
/whatami View the title of your current skill.
/whitelist [player] Add a user to the whitelist.
/whois [player] Displays the user ID of the requested user.
/work (calories) Expend calories.

Player Commands

Command Description
/allaccounts Show all bank accounts in the game.
/angry Shows the emotion of angry.
/authlevel Show your authorization level.
/frown Show the emotion of Frown.
/grin Show Grinning's emotion.
/help Shows all available commands.
/Listadmins Displays a list of all administrators.
/mark (waypointname) Leaves a waypoint at the current position. Accepts an optional text string for the waypoint.
/players Returns a list of players online.
/sim sealevel (/sea) Shows the current sea level and how much it has risen.
/smile Shows Smile's emotion.
/testroom Check the current surroundings to see if it is a room, and if not, explain why not.
/thirdperson Toggles the camera in third person.
/titlelist Lists all existing titles and information about them.
/unstuck Try to unclog your avatar.
/util unstuckvehicle (/freecar) Attempts to unzip your vehicle.
/useractivity Displays a list of users and when they last logged in.
/whatami View the title of your current skill.
/whoami Displays your user ID.
/ yawn Shows Yawn's emotion.