Admin Commands for Day of Dragons

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Here you can find popular commands for your Day of Dragons server!

General Commands
/gender - Check your gender.
/growth - Check your growth.
/location - Get your current location.
/pid - Get your personal PID (Player Identification Digit).
/stuck - Get unstuck.
Group Commands
/group - Create a group.
/disband - Disband group.
/invite (PID) - Invite a specific player to your group.
/transfer (PID) - Transfer leadership over a group to a player.
/leave - Leave group.
/list - Check PID's of group members.
/kick (PID) - Kick a group member (Leaders only).
Admin Commands
/showtags - Shows Player ID's.
/hidetags - Hides PID's.
/adult (PID) - Grows player to full adult.
/grow (PID) - Unknown.
/growself - Unknown.
/heal (PID) - Fills players health/bile/food/water bars.
/healself - Fills your health/bile/food/water bars.
/hero - Makes you immune to damage.
/port (PID) - Teleports a player to you.
/goto (PID) - Teleports you to a player.
/kill (PID) - Kills a player.
/killself - Kills yourself.
/boot - Kicks a player from the server.
/ban (PID) - Kicks a player and blocks from re-joining until server restart.
/unban (PID) - Unbans a player without a server restart.