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Admin Commands

These commands can be used within the game to manage your server.

Command Description
/help show help message
/w [player name] send a private message to a player
/save save current progress
/stop stop the server
/seed seed of the server
/version show current server version
/suicide destroy your current ship
/player shows the number of players
/status displays information related to the current status of the server
/admin -a [player name] gives another player admin rights
/admin -r [player name] removes admin rights from a player
/kick [player name] remove a player from the server
/ban [player name] add a player to the server blacklist
/unban [player name] remove a player from the server blacklist
/banip [player ip] add a player's ip to the blacklist
/unbanip [player ip] remove a player's ip from the blacklist
/blacklist show blacklist options
/whitelist show whitelist options

Cheat commands (in-game)

Command Description
/give [player name] [amount] credits Gives the player the desired amount of credits
/give [player name] [amount] [mineral name] Gives the player the desired amount of the selected mineral

Server commands (console)

Command Description
/max-logs [value] Number of log files to keep
/difficulty [value] Server difficulty, allowed values are: -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3. Default: 0
/collision-damage [value] Amount of damage dealt with an object in the event of a collision, from 0 to 1. 0: no damage, 1: total damage. Default: 1
/port [value] Server listening port Default: 27000
/exit-on-last-admin-logout Shut down when last admin logs out
/public [value] Indicate if the server should allow other players to join
/infinite-resources [value] Enable infinite resources for all players
/listed [value] Indicate if the server should appear in the lists of public servers
/max-players [value] Maximum number of players online. Default: 10
/save-interval [value] Time Interval Between Savings. Default: 300
/same-start-sector arg Indicate if all players must start in the same sector
/server-name [value] Server name will be displayed when querying
/use-steam-networking [value] Use Steam networks and authentication for users.
/galaxy-name [value] Galaxy name added to the data path, the final path will be [data path]/[galaxy name]
/datapath [value] Folder in which the galaxies will be stored, it will be prepended to the name of the galaxy
/admin [value] Steam server administrator's ID's
/threads [value] Specify the number of threads used to update sectors
/t [ --trace ] [value] Tracking options. It can be more than one. Allowed values are: network scripting io threading database entry error warning exception user game system debug sound gl all
/stderr-to-log Redirect console standard error output to log file
/stdout-to-log Redirect console standard console output to log file