Adjusting damage in Garry's Mod

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To turn Garry's Mod damage on or off, just click on the Config Editor [Extended v2], select "Garrys Mod (server.cfg)" and click on edit. There you will find in the area of game settings the option to adjust the player against player damage. In addition, you can also adjust the damage that e.g. Mobs or explosions (also called Godmode).

//Game settings
"Sbox_plpldamage"	"0"      //"player-to-player" damage, active if the value is set to 0
"Sbox_godmode"          "0"      //All players are invulnerable if value is set to 1 (ATTENTION, LIFT "sbox_plpldamage")

You can also find out more about configuring your Garrys Mod Server here