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Adding Mods to an Avorion server

To accomplish this task, make sure you are subscribed to the Mods you want to add in your Game Server, then stop your server and proceed by looking for this specific place in your files following the next path:


The file we have pointed out, probably does not exist if you have never added Mods before, so you need to create it.

Please, open a .txt file in your computer and follow the next format:


We used real Mods as an example

The name of the file needs to be modconfig.lua

and it's to be added withing the path we previously mentioned, unfortunately, for this work you will need to access your servers FTP.


Proceed by sending the file you have locally created to the "MyGalaxy" file on FTP.

Make sure that the client does not add a format .txt upon copying the file.

Start the game server and verify if the information has been properly added.

Open your Event log, and verify:


Start your server and access it.

Upon accessing, you will be prompted with a request to continue and download the mods you have added through your files.

After proceeding, the content will be available in your game.