Activate quake sounds with zBlock

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Here is described how to run the Quake Sounds with activated eglock, which would not be possible without detours.

Since zBlock, the setting sv_pure is automatically set to 1 or 2 and you can not change this value, which is however necessary to run quake sounds, you need another file named pure_server_whitelist.txt.

A so-called Pure Server is a server that forces all users who want to play on the server to have the same content that is also present on the server.

You can set in the pure_server_whitelist.txt whether the client should load the original data (from_steam), whether he should load the changed data of the hard disk (allow_from_disk) or whether he should load the changed data of the fat disk, but before this file is checked with the Of the server (allow_from_disk + check_crc).

If you would like to know more about the settings and / or the settings, please read the Wiki page of the manufacturer: