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For the game Don't Starve Together, the "Caves" have been available since the update on 17 September 2015. For more information, see the following forum thread:

What is needed

To have a Do not Starve Together Server with Caves The following things are required:

  • 2 Nitrado Game servers, on which the game Don't Starve Together is installed. One of these servers becomes the master and one of the slave servers.
  • Fully customized server configuration (cluster token, server name, ...) This can be done directly in the web interface under "Settings". Please note the following instructions:

Make preparations

Before starting, it is necessary that both servers are fully stopped. In the first step it is necessary to define a main server (master) and a caveserver (shard). Then you can make the first settings under "General" in the web interface:

  1. The tick box "Shard" must be active on both servers, and only in the main server, you must activate the "Master" box.
  2. Master IP: Here you have to enter the IP of the master server (upper world) on both servers. Only the IP (e.g. if you have this number you must use only
  3. Master port ( IMPORTANT here the port of the master (upper world) +3, thus Ex. 10201 -> Masterport = 10204, later more. #Shard Name: Enter your own name. For example, Overworld and Cave.
  4. Cluster Key: Here you have to create a string which must be the same for both servers. The longer the safer. This is where the servers find each other and can communicate.
  5. Save settings - Start server

Create configuration file

Now it is necessary to navigate to the following directory on both servers via the file browser: "/dontstarve/storage/config/Cluster_1/master " Here you specify a file named server.ini with the following contents:

[NETWORK] server_port = 11000 //The server port of the respective server is to be specified here. 

shard_enabled = true //Set this point to "true" on both servers 
is_master = true //Set this point to "true" for the main server only. 
Bind_ip = //Enter the IP address of the respective server. 
Name = Overworld //The Shardname from the settings is given again. 
Id = 1 //Here a different ID has to be defined. 

[STEAM] master_server_port = 11002 //Masterport +2 
authentication_port = 11001 //Masterport +1 

It is really important to remove the comments before the file gets saved! In the meantime, both servers should be restarted.

Test connection

Now both servers should be connected correctly. To check this, you should search the server log for the following message:

[00:09:31]: [Shard] Slave Cave(2) ready!
[00:09:31]: World 2 is now connected 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[1] <-> 2[1] (disabled) 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[2] <-> 2[2] (disabled) 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[3] <-> 2[3] (disabled) 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[4] <-> 2[4] (disabled) 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[5] <-> 2[5] (disabled) 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[6] <-> 2[6] (disabled) 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[7] <-> 2[7] (disabled) 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[8] <-> 2[8] (disabled) 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[9] <-> 2[9] (disabled) 
[00:09:31]: Validating portal[10] <-> 2[10] (disabled)

Cave Generation

Since the servers are now properly connected, you can now generate a Caveworld. To realize this, it is necessary to create another file named "worldgenoverride.lua" on the Shard server. This must be created again in the previous directory. ("/Dontstarve/storage/config/Cluster_1/Master") The contents of the file are as follows:

return {
override_enabled = true,
overrides = {},

Since you get through a sinkhole only into another "Overworld" it is finally necessary to generate a new world. To do this, hold the "TAB" button for the server status, and press the 3 points in the upper left corner and then "Regenerate World".

When you're done, save the file and start both servers.