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Account security

Accounts are precious. They allow you to use Nitrado's services and make changes to them. But just because this is a Nitrado wiki, doesn't mean this only applies to us.

These tips are great for anyone, everyone and anywhere. Use these tips to help you protect your accounts so you can rest easy.

Password Tips

Your Account is your guide to your services. You want a strong password so you never need to worry.

  • Create a strong password using a combination of Uppercase Letters, lowercase lowers, Numbers, and Symbols
  • Don't repeat the same character within your password multiple times
  • 8 is minimum, but having a password that is longer is always better
  • Don't ever share your password with others!
  • Try not to use the same password for other accounts. You may compromise their security as well!
  • Try to avoid using words or phrases within your passwords. Just because you used P@s$ for Pass, doesn't mean it's that much safer!


Do not open any links from E-mail Addresses you believe to be fake. While E-mail providers have gotten much better about finding viruses, it is good practice to know who you are giving your E-mail out to.

  • Regularly check your E-mail and make sure that your accounts are not compromised in any way.
  • Use Multiple Emails: If you want to be truly safe, use one Email for "adventure" and one that is Personal. Strongly advise against using work-based accounts, to ensure the safety of them

Changing my account details

Navigate to the "My Account" Tab with and you will see a picture, similar to below:

There you can click the links to change your Password, E-mail, or other account details as well as see what services are connected to your account.

Nitrado also does NOT save your card or payment information onto your account.

Nitrado Support will NEVER ask for your passwords, for any of your accounts.