AMX Mod X for Counter Strike 1.6

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AMXModX - install

Amxmod X - directory structure

These folders and files must be located in /cstrike in this order:

  • Addons\ - here are server addons like amxx, clanmod, webmod, cheating death, etc. pure
  • Metamod\ - here metamod must be installed. File in this directory: Plugins.ini // Metamod is needed to start mods like AMX, AMXX, Clanmod, etc.
  • Dlls\ - here are the binary metamod files, eg. Metamod.dll or
  • Amxmodx\ - the path to amxmodx, here are the files plugins.ini and modules.ini
  • Dlls\ - amxmodx_mm.dll
  • Modules\ modules, e.g. _amxx.dll or, etc.
  • Plugins\ - here you have to save the plugins (.amx or .amxx)
  • Scripting\ sample source code and compiler / assembler
  • Include\ - include files for the compiler
  • Compiled\ - here the compiler saves batch files with .amxx extension
  • Doc\ - Faqs and Installer
  • Data\ - Binary data, e.g. Stored stats, GeoIP information, etc.
  • Lang\ - Text files for AMX Mod X ML features (multi-lingual)
  • Configs\ - configuration files (eg amxx.cfg, sounds.cfg)
  • Logs\ - AMX Mod X Log files


If you are Amxmod X for CS: CZ, DOD, Team Fortress, The Specialists or Natural Selection, you need the appropriate addon At download.

Unzip the addon and copy the addons folder and content into your /cstrike. Insert the following line into /cstrike/addons/metamod/plugins.ini if ​​it does not exist:

For Linux: Linux addons/amxmodx/dlls/

For AMD64: Linux addons/amxmodx/dlls/

For Windows: Win32 addons/amxmodx/dlls/amxmodx_mm.dll

The AMXMOD X Addon should now be installed and ready for use. Start the server and enter the metaList command in the console to see if AMXX was successfully loaded.