9.How to Change Server Locations

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Hello! Here, you will learn about changing the location of your server.

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Changing Locations

When moving a server it is important to know the server files and configuration are not taken with it. Therefore, you will need a copy of your server configuration files as well as an offline copy of your most recent Save game. Depending on the game, these are done differently. These are called “Local Backups” and they are explained in other articles we will link below:

NOTE: you cannot transfer data from a console server. You will also need to know the best location to choose. The best location is typically the closest location nearest to you.

Where do you start?

  • Once you know the best location for your service, and we have our information backed up, we need to navigate to Nitrado.net then go to “My Services”. Click on your server gray area to get more options.
  • There we click “Change Slots, Runtime, or Location”
  • Here you can select a new Data Center for your service. Click on "Change location". Choose the one you want and select "Change"
  • Afterwards you will be charged the difference in days between what is remaining and the pre-selected rental period. This is not an extra charge. We recommend doing this kind of changes on the end or beginning of your rental period.
  • Once you accept, the server will start in the other datacenter, and you will be able to upload your backup and start playing.