8.Game Server Modding Basics with Nitrado

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Hello! Here, we will go over the modding capabilities of your server here at Nitrado. and we will include some links on how to add mods to specific games. Please keep in mind that some changes to the web interface have been made since the filming of this video. On ARK and games alike, a "Mod +Workshop" page has been added, but the process looks alike and is the same as displayed in the video. Enjoy.

YouTube Video

Modding with Nitrado

Modding is an exciting part of Computer Gaming. Mods offer new items, maps, and gameplay features. Sometimes offering a whole new game to explore.With Nitrado, we make modding Easy. We have a one of a kind automatic installation feature for some games like ARK: Survival Evolved, Space Engineers, and Conan Exiles. Below, we will explain how to find the ModID and the process of adding a mod. We will also leave multiple links so you can learn how to install mods for some of our more popular games.

Finding the Mod ID?

Wondering how you find the ModID? You can easily find the ModID by going to the steam workshop page of the mod itself. The ID is located in the URL of the Workshop page or in the description of the mod.


* Although mods are usable on our services, we only provide support on official mods. Nitrado does not take responsibility for how workshop, and custom mods react with the server. It is known that mods may cause the game to not work properly.
* For games like Source games, Arma, Minecraft, and more; as the owner of the server if there is a custom mod that you wish to use we suggest researching on how to use and install the mod. Nitrado will only provide technical support for mods listed in our game list.

How do you do it?

Please keep in mind that adding Mods to your Server will cause a prolonged start-up period. The server will need to install the mod and update existing ones. Please practice patience when doing this for it could take some time for a server with mods to load.

  • Navigate to your web interface.
  • Stop the server
  • Then, let’s go to the "General Settings" or for some games the "Mod +Workshop" page.
  • All you will need to do here is enter the Mod ID into the Mods field on your web interface.
* Multiple mods will be separated by a comma for games like ARK and Conan.
* For space engineers Mods will need to appear on separate lines.
* For Total Conversion mods, there is typically a separate category in which you can enter the ModID in. These mods are loaded the same as a normal mod. However, you will need to start your game client in the proper version in order to connect.
* Games like ARMA and Minecraft use mods in a more advanced way and require manual installation. (Links below)
  • Save the changes and the system will do the rest, you can restart your server and the mods will automatically update and apply to your server.

Links to specific how to mod pages

Ark: Survival Evolved mods:

ARMA mods:

Conan Exiles mods:

Minecraft Mod packs and plugins: