8.Auto Renewal of a Nitrado Service

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Here, we will learn about Auto Extension of your Nitrado Services.

Please note: Before setting up your Automatic Extension. If you wish to use PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard; You must first use the "Charge Account" feature on the left hand side. When charging your account select the box next to "Save information to pay faster in future" this will save your selected payment method to your Nitrado account.


You must specify the amount and the payment method you wish to use


Auto Renewal of a Nitrado Service

First we will start by navigating to Nitrado.net and logging into our account. Once logged in you will be on your account page. Click on "My services", if it is not already selected.

"My Services"

  • On your service you will notice a number regarding the amount of days remaining with your rental period under the "Runtime Column"
  • Above the number you will see an "X" symbol - Automatic extension (subscription). At the right side you will see an option "Enable", click it and will bring you to a new page.


  • On this page, it allows the setup of an automatic extension for the selected service.


    • The service can automatically be extended by using existing credits or one of the available payment methods. The extension will be executed one day before the end of the rental period.
  • Select the payment method. And below you will select the run time amount that will be charged upon extension.
    • Alternatively, you can select this box to have your Automatic extension use Nitrado credits before charging a different payment method.
  • When you select "Save", the service will be set for an automatic extension. You will notice the green check mark symbol - Automatic extension (subscription)circle on your service now turns green. This will help indicated what services of yours are under subscription.

Thanks for taking time to learn how to configure your Auto renewal on a Nitrado service.