6.How to Create a Local Backup of your Gameserver

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Hello! Here, we will go over how to create a local backup of your game server.

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Local Backups

The need for a local backup could arise in many different cases. However, it is equally important across the board. A Local backup is a backup of your savegames from your server stored locally on your Home PC. To create a local backup we will need two things:

  • Knowledge on how to use and access the FTP. Here
  • Knowledge of where Your save game is located.
    • If you do not know where the location of your save game is, it can be found by a quick google search. Steam Discussions and Forums are great places to look.

Where do we start?

The general idea is to download the Save file of your server to your local machine. This will save the integrity of the server relating to the current time of download. This save game can be uploaded and restored at a later date in case of emergencies. We will go over how to restore your backup Here

  • We will start by accessing the web interface of our server. The first thing we need to do is to stop the server completely. This entails pressing the “stop server” button and waiting 3 to 5 minutes.
  • connect to your FTP using FileZilla and enter the information found on your Web interface.
  • You will notice your Local side which is your Home PC and the Remote side which is your server.
  • On the local side, let's create a save folder for the save games that we will receive from the server.
  • On the remote side, navigate to the file path and find your save game. We will click on this folder and drag it to the folder we made on the local side.(In this example we are using ARK: SE)
    Move to save.png
  • When the files are done copying over your local back is made.
  • We suggest renaming this file to reflect that it is a backup.