6.Extending a Service

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Here, you will learn about extending a service on your Nitrado Account.

YouTube Video

Here is a video on how to extend your service with Nitrado

Extending your Service

First we will start by navigating to the "My Services" page on Nitrado.net. On this page we will select the service that we wish to alter.

My services.png

  • click the service in a grey area, a drop down menu will appear, select "Extend". In the event that your service has run out of time, this option will be called "Reactivate".


  • in a Blue box, you will see the option to activate the automatic extension of this particular service.
  • Below, is the area to extend your service. In case your existing credit is not enough, an extra option "Charge Account" will appear in red next to the price and amount of days.


  • Once you click "Continue", you will be prompted with an overview of what the extension is going to include:
    • The amount of extensions in the order
    • New extended rental time
    • Total cost
    • A before and after of your account balance.

Total cost.png

Please confirm this information is correct before clicking on "Extend now", After clicking "Extend Now" the transaction will be final.