5.How to Connect to your Nitrado Gameserver

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Hello! Here you will learn about the different ways to connect to your Nitrado game server!

YouTube Video

So how do you connect?

Probably the most important part of renting a service is being able to enjoy it. This page and video will provide detailed instructions on how to connect to your server. There are two ways to connect to your Nitrado game server. You can connect via the:

    • Web interface
    • Steam Favorites

Web Interface

  • Here you will notice this page as your “Web Interface”. The web interface is the most common and easiest way to connect to your server.
  • Located at the top right in the banner you will notice the white “Connect to server” button.
  • Clicking this button will start your game client and will begin to connect you to your server.
    • For some games that have mods like ARK: Survival Evolved, and Space Engineers, the mods will be automatically downloaded to your client machine from steam. IMPORTANT: Having mods may delay the connection process.

Steam Favorites

  • Adding a server to your steam favorites is the easiest way to help your friends and family connect to the server. When you open your Steam App, at the top left-hand corner, You will see five options: Steam, View, Friends, Games, and help.
  • Click on view, then servers and a new box should open up for you. This is the Steam Servers tool.
  • Click on the “Favorites” tab, then “Add a Server” at the bottom right.
  • In this new box is where you will enter the IP address and port of your server.
    • For most games, you will need to check your server's port in order to connect. To do this, check your Web Interface where you found the IP of your server (left column).

Click “Find games at this address” to be sure you have a connection to the server, then click “Add address to favorites” Now that this address is added to the favorites You will be able to connect in game via the favorites filter. Thank you for taking the time to learn about how to connect to your game server.