3.How to Rent a Game Server

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Here, we will walk you through how to rent a server with Nitrado.

YouTube Video

Here is a video we have put together to help you rent a Game Server

How to Rent a Game Server?

  • We will start by Navigating to nitrado.net and logging in with our account.
  • On the upper right hand corner, select your username and click "Order Service". Here you can select the service you want. Today, we will install a Gameserver for ARK Survival Evolved.
  • Now we need to choose what type of server we will run on, Select "Publicserver."
    • "Public Server" is the most common and used server with Nitrado. It is perfect for games like ARK: SE and Valheim
  • Here we will select Choose game later
  • Next we select the hosting location. You can choose one of our many hosting locations:
    • Australia (Sydney)
    • Germany (Frankfurt)
    • Great Britain (London)
    • Russia (Moscow)
    • Singapore
    • United States (Los Angeles, Miami, New York).
  • Proceed to select the amount of players. This determines how many users can simultaneously log into the server at any given time. Some games, for example Rust, ARK, and Battlefield, have a minimum number of players required. In the case of ARK Survival Evolved, this amount is 10.
    • For the Minecraft server and Farming Simulator, we have performance updates. Since we are requesting an ARK server, we don't have to worry about updating.
  • Now that we have chosen our hosting location and the number of players, we select the rental period we want for the server. Nitrado is based on a prepaid system with a completely optional subscription feature detailed in another video. Once the rental period is over, your server will go into standby mode for 7 days. If you decide not to continue playing, the server will be deleted after this period. The waiting period allows 7 days to renew the service if you want to keep your settings and saved games. No additional charges apply.
  • Once you have selected the rental time for your server, click on "Continue"
  • Here you will see an overview of the service and the price in the selected Currency. Below, we can select our game from a list of more than 100 games and mods. This game can be changed in the future for public servants and explained here in our article on game-changing features.
  • Then, in this small calendar we can select on which day the service will begin and at what time. If you want the server right away, leave it as the default.
Note: Make sure to confirm that this information is correct. Once you select "Apply Now", the transaction will be final. Once the server is requested, we just have to wait a few minutes for it to come online. The service will be applied to your account and the game will install accordingly.