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What do we offer?

Nitrado offers high quality services at an affordable price. The flexible prepaid system guarantees a convenient and simple management of all services with no contract period. You are in control. Here you can see a list of the services that can be applied to your Nitrado account:

  • Gameserver's
  • Voiceserver's
  • Cloud Server's
  • Web Service's


YouTube Video

Here is a video outlining our products here at Nitrado

What does each service provide?

Let's talk about what each service will provide. We aim to offer you as many tools to your toolbox as possible! We appreciate you for taking time to learn about our services and what we offer here at Nitrado. We look forward to providing an exceptional gaming experience to you and all the customers with Nitrado.

Game Servers

First, we will go over Gameservers. There are three different options for gameservers here at Nitrado.

Public servers

Public servers are high performance servers for all games in the Nitrado Cloud. They are completely customizable to your needs. Allowing you access to any game we offer. Additionally, you can get RAM upgrades for Minecraft and Mod Disk space for Farming simulator. This is the most common and recommended server.

Public server: Basic

Public server: basic will give you the same high performance server. However, your server will only be supported by limited games, and cannot be upgraded. Here is the list of games that cannot be played on a basic server:
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EPS public server

EPS servers are best for Clan Wars and high performance. Commonly used for Online source games, like Counter strike: GO and Counter strike: Source. These servers offer more ticks and better performance for your gameplay overall. Next, we will go over Voice servers, and the additional programs we offer for them.

Voice Servers

We have three different platforms available for use on Nitrado voiceservers. Teamspeak, Mumble, and TS3MusicBot. These servers intend to provide a place for players to communicate and play. You can customize the servers, upload logos, assign admins and set passwords for privacy. Additionally, we offer a Music Bot for your Teamspeak servers. A music bot can be used to play music for the other users in the server. You can upload your own music, use YouTube, or play from a selection of radio stations. Here are some

Web Services

At Nitrado, we offer web service's that can be used for a multitude of different options. With three different packages to choose from, we offer an easy to use webspace. For each package ordered a pre-defined subdomain is included. The webspace has the following features:

  • Ability to make your own Email
  • Provide's FTP access
  • Provide's MySQL database access
  • you can Link multiple domains to your server

Cloud Servers

Nitrado's newest product the "Cloud Server" will offer you a personal, virtualized, server. You will have high performance hardware, Enterprise style storage, and state-of-the-art open source technologies at your fingertips. All controlled by a unique, easy-to-use Web Interface. Offering the best 1 Gigabit connections, full flexibility of upgrades and downgrades, and a friendly API this product is perfect for developers. Three versions of the Nitrado "Could Server" are offered: Small, Medium, and Large. A fourth option is available called "Individual". This option allows you to specify the CPU, RAM, Solid State Storage, Traffic amount, and IP Addresses of the server. Price will vary depending on the package you choose. Currently, this product is only offered in our German hosting location. However, with great ambition, Nitrado intends to extend the reach of the Nitrado "Cloud Server" globally.


For those of you that use IRC, we also can provide a bouncer to convenience your chat with offline messages. The bouncer acts as a mailbox for your IRC. Our bouncer is compatible with any Chat relay program. Communication is one of the most important aspects of gaming. With Nitrado we make communication easy, affordable, and possible for you. Let's move on to web service's.

We also have the ability to provide you a top level domain. A top level domain name can be specified by the user. If the domain is available in the domain registry, it is available to be rented. With a custom domain you can change your email domain name, link a website, and you can provide ease of access to your webspace.