2.How to use your Nitrado Web Interface

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Hello! On this page, we will give you a rundown on how to make basic changes to your Nitrado server.

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The general purpose for owning a server is to make it your own. So how do you make the changes?

Making Changes

(NOTE: In order for changes to take effect on your server, you will need to restart the server. We suggest stopping your server completely before making your changes.)

Where to start?

  • You can start by clicking “General”, under the section “Settings”.
  • Although this page will be different depending on what game you are playing, this is where you will make the majority of your changes.
    (Empyrion settings used as an Example)
    • Here is where you can change things like the server name, passwords, map, gameplay settings, multipliers and other unique options that vary from game to game. For games like Conan Exiles and ARK: Survival Evolved you have the ability to start your server with a recent save game backup. This allows you to set the server backwards a couple of hours.
    • Games like ARK: Survival evolved, have an “Expert Mode” feature. This feature allows you to manually edit your game files for advanced custom configurations. Enabling “Expert Mode” allows the use of engine settings you can enable them in your General Settings.
  • Servers for ARK: Survival evolved, are equipped With engine settings you can easily modify the game.ini directly, changing engrams, levels, and other specific options.
  • On the left-hand side of the web interface under “Tools” you will notice an option “Restore Backup”. This option is used to do exactly that, restore a backup. To restore the gameplay of your server use the game-specific backups located under the name of the game you wish to restore.
    • Database backups are only used for those games that use the database. Some source games have plugins that require use of MySQL as well as various ARMA mod packs.