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DayZ Anti-Hax is a very simple server-side console application for automatically banning hackers from a DayZ server. Utilizing some of the new features first introduced with the latest BattlEye update (v1.158) and ArmA 2 OA beta patch 95883, DayZ Anti-Hax parses server logs for only the most obvious hacker behavior and adds those deemed nefarious to the server's ban list. When used in combination with Battleye Extended Controls, which can automatically reload a server's ban list while it is running, this is a completely automated solution that requires little to no maintenance, making DayZ Anti-Hax an extremely useful tool when used in combination with good 'ol fashion manual log combing.

Anti-Hax und Battleye Extended Controls (BEC)

Mit folgenden Einstellungen in der "Scheduler.xml" lädt der Server alle 5 Minuten die Ban-Liste von Anti-Hax neu ein.

<!-- DayZ Antihax - Loadbans -->
<job id="23">